Sunday, June 29, 2008


My daughter is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. She had a T-Rex named "Rexy" and a Velociraptor named "Sweet Pea". The two most vicious dinosaurs to walk the Earth are named Rexy and Sweet Pea. She has little dinosaurs that she takes into the tub at bathtime, dinosaurs that growl, plush dinosaurs, and even a few dinosaur skeletons. And what do you think she is going to get for her birthday? That's right --a tea set--and the T-Rex Mega Mountain dinosaur set. I'm not kidding about the tea set. That's about the only girly thing she likes to do. Of course her brother likes to play tea time too and they manage to get in fight over hot tea versus cold tea. Ugh!

So I made her invites of course. I used 4 of my CuttleBug embossing folders to make the rocks, the ground, and the texture on the dinosaur. I made the dinosaur with a CuttleKids diecut and used the very wonderful Archaic line papers, chipboard stickers, and rub ons from Basic Grey. I can't wait to take some pictures of her party and scrap them using these papers.

Today I am helping a friend make her birthday invites for her soon to be 1-year-old son. They are Elmo with a little shaker fishbowl on it . I'll post those when they are finished.


~Michelle~ said...

I just LOVE your invites....they are A+++++ adorable!!

lauren said...

OMG!!! these are beyond awesome!!! (i love the textured dino--how BRILLIANT!!!) (oh yeah and the "4:30 pm...60 million years ago..." is priceless!)