Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well I was up early this morning and now it is time to get the kids up. Today we have our second swimming lesson. Monday's lesson went really well and both kids seemed to have a lot of fun. So we'll see how this morning goes. So I have been scrapbooking for almost a week now. Finally! I feel inspired to scrapbook again. It is a nice change a pace from making cards. I am not on any deadline to get things done so it has been very relaxing and fun. I also had the opportunity to borrow my friend Heidi's Cricut. It had been in the box for at least a year so I said let me play around with it and then I'll teach you how to use it. All the lettering below, as well as some of the shapes, were made on her Cricut. I think I may need to break down and get one.

So here are some of the layout's I've done. Enjoy!

This one was a lot of fun to make. My inspiration was from a children's clothing catalog I get called Chasing Fireflies. Cute stuff but really $$$. They had a t-shirt that had the genius equation on it. I thought it would be perfect for these pictures of Cady playing doctor.


Heather said...

There are all terrific pages!

Andrea, said...

Fabulous LOs, they are all wonderful. Thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog. have a good weekend

Mara... said...

Great layouts, Kristen!!!!!