Sunday, July 27, 2008

OK, now July seems to be flying by...

It does! It's the 27th already and I haven't posted anything since the 9th. It is what we New Mexican's call the monsoon season this time of year. If you know anything about our climate here the weather is usually very dry. I noticed a few weeks ago that all the doors in the house were starting to stick and wouldn't close. I knew then dreaded monsoon season was upon us. This is when it rains every afternoon and the humidity shoots up to 70+ percent. I grew up in this humidity stuff living in Iowa and it's one of the many reasons why I moved to New Mexico. No humidity! This is why I never had long hair living Iowa and why I am so tempted to cut all my hair off now. But I won't and I'll just go around with fuzzy, fly away scary hair for a couple more weeks. That's what hats are for, right? Then the climate will go back to normal. We also have a swamp cooler instead of refrigerated air. A "swamp" is a lot less expensive to run and it uses water to cool the house down. So when it is humid outside and your pumping cool wet air into the house via the "swamp" then you have like 90% humidity in the house. All my scrap paper and cardstock is warped and damp which makes it hard to do anything with. Adhesive tape runners don't work very well either as I discovered on the cards I've made have become separated into pieces again. So my creative juices have be "swamped" (ha get it!) for the last few weeks. I have just been avoiding the scrap area.

Yesterday I decided to go through all my pictures I have accumulated over the last year. I put a bunch of them in photo albums and I separated all the pictures that I want to scrap into little ziploc bags and reused Shutterfly photo envelopes and put them in a photo box. I was looking at my son's 4th birthday pictures and set them out. He had a robot themed birthday last year. I bought the cutest paper pack and stamps by Bam Pop. So funky and eclectic! They remind of the cartoons I used to watch in the 70's. They kind of remind me of Yo Gabba Gabba which is on Nick or Noggin (maybe both) now and my kids like to watch it when they can. I know a lot of parents think the show is a little strange and weird but if you grew up in the 70's it's a blast from the past. So check out their website. It's so cool! But anyway, they had this really cute robot paper in the pack and I have some pictures of the robot birthday cake my son had for his birthday party and of him blowing out the candles and eating it, and thought this would be the perfect paper for these pictures. This is what I came up with.

I had lots of fun with my Stickles and Cricut on these and I raided my hubby's stash of nuts and washers from his tool chest in the garage.

I did have some time to work on a Summer swap that I am doing. I will try and post those soon.

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