Sunday, October 19, 2008

My new layouts for this week

My layouts for this week are up and now I can share them here on my blog. The first layout is for Page Plans. Check out this weeks LO sketch and card sketch an give them a try. Write up a comment and have a link to your card or layout so we can all see what you came up with. On top of the sketch we needed to come up with a Halloween layout to share. I used a picture of my daughter from 2 years ago. She was a fairy princess and this was about the last time she wanted to be "girly" for Halloween. Last year she was frog and this year she will be a dinosaur. At least the dinosaur costume is a pretty purple and green so it is sort of "girly". I wanted to focus on the color of her costume in this layout which was a hot pink. My Pirate Princess papers by Rusty Pickle were a perfect fit.

My next two layouts were for the Basic Grey Challenges Blog. These are my first layouts for them on the DT. This first is one I made using the Ambrosia line from Basic Grey. We also had to incorporate stitching into the layout. Thank goodness I had just gotten some Bazzil Stitch'z templates. They came in very handy! The pictures are ones I took at White Sands, New Mexico on our family trip there this summer. The kids had such a fun time running up and down the dunes.

The next is a 6 x 6 layout that I made of my sweet little kitty Sierra Blue. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old and got her when I was in Grad school. She is 13 1/2 years old now. She scared me the other night. She likes to lay next me in bed when I'm asleep sometimes. I woke up and needed to get up so I was trying to make her move. She kept flopping over on me. I finally realized something was wrong and flew out of bed. She couldn't move her back legs at all. It was like she was paralized. I'm thinking she had a stroke or I laid on her. So I scooped her up and sat her down on the floor. Then she was fine. Walking around and playing with a string I was moving around in front of her. So I don't know what was going on. Maybe her legs fell asleep (like they were numb) and she just needed them to wake up. Maybe I was sort of laying her, but I don't think so. I'm such a light sleeper and I am very sensitive when she is right there to not roll on her. So now I am noticing that she is not very coordinated, especially when she is playing, so maybe she has arthritis settling in. I wll just have to keep an eye on her. Maybe we'll visit the vet this week. Anyway, I took some pictures of her a few days after all this happened. She found a patch of sunlight in the dining room to take a snooze. She looked so relaxed I just had to disturb her and take some pictures.

I used the Euphoria Basic Grey papers for this layout. I have this vertical scrapbook album made by Glue Art and Paper Studio that you can hang pages from. I have a 6 x 6 and a 12 x 12 one. Then I just have them sitting on display around the house. You can alter them and do all sorts of things to them to make them beautiful. Check out the link above. There is a link on that page to their online shop. They have some incredible things to alter and a gallery to show off their stuff. So check them out.

I hope everyone has a great week!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Enfys said...

Gorgeous again, I particularly love the princess layout. Stunning. Hope your kitty is better now.

Cuchy said...

Beautiful layouts. I really like the white sands one. the papers and stitching are great and that place seems to be stunning! M.Carmen