Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm a messy scrapper

I am a slob when I get on a roll with things. I don't just work on one thing but maybe 3 or 4 things at a time. My scrap & card area is in the hallway. There are some really great built in desks, bookcases, and cupboards in the hall outside my kid's rooms. They will be their desks for homework and studying when the get older. So for now it is my area that I have really outgrown. My wonderful husband said I could have his office. He never uses it so YAY!!! he will take his desk and other things down to his brewery office as soon as the brewery office is finished. You should see it down there, disastrous! But that is another story. So when he can take his office furniture down I can order some Ikea and Container Store furniture that will work perfectly for my new scrap room. I can't wait. But for now I have "spilled" out into the dining room table. I took a picture of it so you can see what a slob I can be. Will this change when I get a new scrap room, NO! But it will be in it's own room and not the dining room or other areas of the house, like the kitchen counter which has adhesive all over it and I really need to get some Goo Gone and clean it up.
Pretty messy but not too bad as I look at this picture. I've seen messier!

On to my Page Plans reveal for this week. We were to use nontraditional colors in a Christmas themed layout or card. I have pretty much scrapped all of last years Christmas pictures. I have found some more to use for some future layouts I need to make so that's good. I decided to use some winter pictures I took last year of my daughter playing out in the snow. She was wearing her lilac colored winter coat and though that would be the color theme I would use for the layout. It is so fun! I love how it turned out. The sketch this week was made by Chris. Isn't it just lovely!

The paper came from Michael's , I used my Cricut for the lettering, and my Cuttlebug Swirls embossing folder.

I made a dozen or so cards yesterday. Some for Christmas and some for birthday and none for me (they are for some friends of mine). I took some pictures and wanted to share. You can see when I get on a paper kick I will make a bunch of cards with that paper.

I wanted to say thanks to Susanna Boyd for the 2 shout outs at Card of the Week. I really appreciated it and it made my day. For those that don't know about Card of the Week. It is a super blog and A super community. Please check it out and see all the wonderful creations that people have made. Also some fun contests going on too right now. I am hoping to give one a try.

I still need to post my holiday house. I will do that later this week. In the meantime, have a great Sunday and a super week.


Lorie said...

Kristen...your scrapbook page is wonderful and your!

Lorie said...

Oh, and congrats on the soon to be new crafting room. Maybe my oldest (21) will move out one of these days and then I'll get my own craft room. Until then...I'll just continue dreaming! :o)

Sally said...

Your scrap page is beautiful and your daughter is adorable. As badly as I hate to admit it, I have a messy craft room too. I have the whole room to myself and still spill into the dinningroom. Just don't tell your hubby that. LOL

BethieJ said... space looks the same way!! hee hee! I am happy I am not the only one.. (Ok mine looks WORSE! hee hee! BUT it is mine and I can just close the door! LOL!!)
I LOVED the LO, and your cards.. you are on a roll!! I will take a peek at the link you shared.. I LOVE cards!! :)
Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!
Happy Holidays!

Chris said...

Hi Kristen, you have such a great blog and such a cute and gorgeous family. I love all your work on this post, you've been so busy. You made me laugh about your craft area, mine can look worse than that and is also on the dining table, I start off with a big clear table and end up working in about 6 inches square! I'd love to have my own craft room some day and I'm happy that you'll soon be having yours. Chris :)

Martine said...

Great creations kristen, and i can honestly say that your craft area is spotless compared to mine lol, i do all my crafting in my bedroom and lets just say i cant even remember the last time i saw my desk and my floor lol, i have a new table which i bought a while back but honestly i am just to lazy to put it up and use it lol



M@risk@ said...

Your table looks pretty much the same when I'm working on a project (also more than one at the time). Hope your new room is soon ready for you. Beautiful layout you created with the sketch.

Lesli said...

Love your page!!! I wish my scrapbook desk looked as good as your LOL - it is reallllly bad!

Margie said...

Sweet LO! and I love all of your cards :)
I'm just as messy, lol, we live in a small apt. - if it wasn't for our bed, you would never thought that were I scrapped was really our bedroom! LOL!