Monday, December 29, 2008

I have killed the fish!

Well just one of them and it wasn't my fault. The aerator thingy on my son's tank was not making bubbles like the one on my daughter's fish tank. I kept checking it and moving it around, but then I would see bubbles coming out so I though all is well. I guess as soon as I closed the lid it would stop working. Poor fish! We had it for just over 24-hours and it's dead. My son was so sweet. I asked him if he wanted to say anything about his fish before its burial (which was a quick flush). He said this little prayer, "Dear God. Take care of my goldfish in heaven. I really liked having you. You were a good swimmer. I'm so sad now." Then he walked out of the room all teared up. I am standing there in tears. What a sweet and sensitive boy I have. On the day he was born I looked at him and told my husband that he had thoughtful eyes. He was going to be such a thoughtful and compassionate child. I told Garrett I would get a new tank tomorrow and some new fish. Daddy said he could have three and he has already named them. Ben (like his first fish), Jerry, and Tom. He has a cute sense of humor too. Wish me luck on the new fish. I don't want to go through this ordeal again. Doesn't it just crush you to see your child so sad. I am going to make sure the aerator works on the new tank.



Lorie said...

Oh, how stinky! Give your son a hug for me and good luck with those new fish!

Chris said...

Oops! Fish are a nightmare to keep Kristen and I hope you have better luck with the new ones. Wishing you a very happy new year. Hugs, Chris x

kim-paperbabe said...

Hope you find him three really good swimmers! Can just image how you feel, they really know how to work your heart strings!
God Bless and good luck hope you all have a wonderful New Year, HuGs Kim x

Rica said...

Awww ...... I'm laughing and crying in the same breath here.
Perhaps you should supply them with little oxygen masks this time and I should make Dad responsible for them.
All the best for the New Year to you, your family, Ben, Jerry & Tom and not forgetting Rexy of course.
hugs Heather xx