Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayers for Rachel

So I have been in a funk for weeks now. A neighbor friend of mine from where I grew up in Iowa has a daughter, Rachel. Rachel has been having seizures for quite a long time. She is 5 years old and is the same age as my oldest, Garrett. They finally named the disease she has as Rasmussen's Encephalitis. Rasmussen's is a degenerative brain disease that effects one side of the brain, causing it to atrophy. If left as is, the healthy side of the brain will eventually become affected and quality of life will not be good. So Rachel's parents decided that a radical surgery is the best option fer her. They are at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles right now. They have been there for a week and tomorrow they find out if Rachel is a candidate for the surgery. I really hope she is and that it successfully ends the seizures she has been having. The surgery, as I said is a radical one. It involves removing the hemisphere of the brain that has atrophied. That would be her right side. Once that is done she will have to go through intensive therapy to basically relearn all the things she knows how to do now, walk, talk, eat, etc. She will have some physical disabilities after the surgery but 80% of children that have this surgery have fewer seizures that are controlled by medication and some eventually become seizure free with no medication. So I am hoping for the best and really hoping she is a candidate for this surgery and that the successful results will happen. Tomorrow is my birthday (my last year being 30-something) and that would be a nice present to have. So if you pray and have a prayer circle or prayer chain could you please add Rachel to your prayer list. If she has the surgery it will be this week on the 26th. They won't leave L.A. until the end of next month until she is able to be moved to a facility back in Iowa closer to home.

So I have not been feeling very inspired to do much in terms of creating things. Everything is in a pile on my dining room table and is just sitting there staring at me. For my layout this week at Page Plans I was very pleased with. The photo was taken last summer of daughter when we were visiting family back in Iowa. Cady was tickled by the baby calves. She also enjoyed the samples of ice cream we got to try later there at the creamery.

So here is the lovely sketch by Lesli we were to use.

Here is my layout.

For Basic Grey Challenges this week we were to use texture on our creations. I love using different textures on my cards or layouts.

Here is what I came up with:

I uses my Marrakech papers and for the textures I added a felt button and the word "celebrate" was a 2 sided sticker so you could add flocking or glitter to it. I used orange flocking.

Some other things I worked on this week were some thank you cards for a friend of mine. They were for her son to thank people for coming to his laser tag birthday party. How fun! So I tried to make them as hip and boyish as I could. I found a bunch of metal edge tags in my stash. They were well hidden! So it was fun to use them on the cards.

Thanks for stopping by. I want to apologize for not getting around to everyone's blogs to check out the latest happenings and creations and leaving comments and all that good stuff. I have just been avoiding the computer and spending more time with my kids. I feel so blessed that they are healthy and happy. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a very sick child. What would I do? Would I be strong enough or just have a big emotional breakdown and not function and shut the world out. But when I spoke to Rachel's mom on the phone as she was passing through Albuquerque, I was amazed how strong and encouraging she sounded about their trip and the surgery. I'm sure it's is very hard to feel positive and deep down she is wondering if she made the right decision and second guessing the choices she has made and she probably does just want to break down and cry. So again, please pray for the best for Rachel and her parents, that all is successful and that they keep their faith up. I'll post an update when I hear something from the family.


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TaraG said...

Kristen, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter! I will definitely keep Rachel and her family in my prayers! I don't blame you one bit for avoiding the computer and spending some extra time with your kids! Our children are such a blessing, aren't they! Your layout and cards are gorgeous, hun! I hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow! I wanted to let you know I have a card for you that I will mail out tomorrow so it will be a bit late...sorry!!!!
Big Hugs,t