Thursday, July 9, 2009

Changing/Enhancing Eye color in PSE 6

I was so excited that I learned how to do this a couple days ago that I wanted to share with anyone that uses Photo Shop Elements 6. Take note that I have a Mac so menu items and such may differ slightly. Hopefully you will be able to figure it out.

How to enhance and/or change eye color in Photo Shop Elements 6

First find the photo that you want to change. Select open in the file menu.

Here was my photo of the lovely Sierra. She is my 14 year old baby.

Now this is an extra step, but I want to change my picture to black and white first before I worked on the eyes. So I went to Enhance in the top menu and went down and selected Convert to Black & White.

Make whatever changes you feel that you need to make with you picture.

Then click on the OK button.

So now that your photo is in back and white go to the Quick Selection tool which is on the left side of the screen. See photo below for what the icon looks like. (8th icon down-above the large "T" icon)

Then look at the brush diameter It is in toward the top left side of the screen. In the picture below it says the word brush and has a number 5 next to it. This is the diameter of the brush and you want it to be small enough that it will trace around the eyes properly. So if you are having a difficult time tracing just the eye and getting other areas around the eye in the selection then make the brush diameter smaller (like 5).

Click and drag over each eye. You may have to do this several times until you get the exact area of the eye you want to color. Sometimes a little section of fur would be in the selection. You can go up to the Edit menu and click on Undo Quick Selection and try again.

Now go up to the to to the Enhance menu and go down to Adjust Color and in that you will select Color Variations.

You will get a screen that looks like this.

Then just play around with the color that you want to enhance. I used blue so I increased and decreased the blue in all the areas (midtones, shadows, highlights, and saturation). You can even adjust the color intensity amount with a slider bar (in the left corner). And you can light and darken the eyes to however you see fit. Once you like what you see then click on the OK button.

Then I hit the escape button on my keyboard to get out of the quick selection mode.

You can play around with other features of PSE 6 or you can save right now. One area that I played with was in the filter gallery. You can find this under the Filter menu at the top of your screen.

Once you are there you can reduce the zoom to where you can see the whole photo. The zoom + and - buttons are in the lower left corner of the screen. I clicked on the (-) button until I could see all of my photo. On the right side you will see some folders that say artistic, brush strokes, distort... etc. You can pick and choose different features to try out. The nice thing is that you can do all sorts of stuff to your photo but nothing will permanently change it unless you click on the OK button at the top right. I believe I used the grain feature that is found in the Texture folder.

Here is the final result. My intensely blue-eyed kitty! Isn't she gorgeous!!

Well that's it. Let me know if something isn't clear so I can try and rewrite it.
Hope my little tutorial helps!

Have a great rest of the week!


Mary said...

This is very cool and helpful. Thanks

dawnmarieg said...

Oh Thank you so much for this fab tutorial, I am useless on the computer but you explain this wonderfully. Dawn Marie.xx