Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reveals for this week

Just a quick post this morning before everyone wakes up.

I had lots of fun with this weeks challenge at the Basic Grey Challenges blog. This week's challenge is Follow that Sketch. "This week we have a fabulous sketch for you to follow, which was designed by our fabulous Design Team Member Rica, feel free to rotate, resize and flip the sketch or even all three if you want to :), you can also add any more embellishments etc that you would like to, but remember to use at least one item from basic grey somewhere on your creation, and most of all have fun :)

So here is the sketch:

And here are a couple cards I made with it. A little over the top but so fun to make.

I am sad to announce that this will be the last layout I make for Page Plans. Chris and Lesli have decided to not do their challenge blog any longer. They feel like they do not have the time they need to devote to it. I completely understand how they feel. Challenge blogs must be so time consuming and they do really take up a lot of time. I know I couldn't do something like that now. I'd be on the computer all the time and my kiddos would not understand that at all. When I am on the computer they are there within a minute asking me questions, wanting me to help them with something, etc. I don't even keep up with this blog so well so I can't imagine a challenge blog of some sort. So good luck Chris and Lesli!

Yesterday I had a chance to pay around with the March 15th layout sketch at My Sketch World. You can always find the latest sketches on the left side of the blog. You can also finds lots more challenges in the new forum there too. It's always hopping and lots of fun!

So here is the current sketch. The newest card and layout sketches will be revealed on April 1st.

Here is my layout I made with the current sketch.

I had some fun playing around with Adobe Photo Shop. I added the film strip on top of the photo of my daughter. I really like how it turned out. I also played a little will SCAL for my Cricut and made (welded) the word Sunshine. The papers I used are by Paper Trunk. Aren't they so bright and colorful!

That's it for today! Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More prayers for Rachel

Rachel is in surgery this very minute and will be in there for most of the day. Please prayer for her, her parents, and the surgical team and that everything goes the way it should go and it will be a successful surgery.

Here are some links to check out on this disease.

Thanks so much!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayers for Rachel

So I have been in a funk for weeks now. A neighbor friend of mine from where I grew up in Iowa has a daughter, Rachel. Rachel has been having seizures for quite a long time. She is 5 years old and is the same age as my oldest, Garrett. They finally named the disease she has as Rasmussen's Encephalitis. Rasmussen's is a degenerative brain disease that effects one side of the brain, causing it to atrophy. If left as is, the healthy side of the brain will eventually become affected and quality of life will not be good. So Rachel's parents decided that a radical surgery is the best option fer her. They are at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles right now. They have been there for a week and tomorrow they find out if Rachel is a candidate for the surgery. I really hope she is and that it successfully ends the seizures she has been having. The surgery, as I said is a radical one. It involves removing the hemisphere of the brain that has atrophied. That would be her right side. Once that is done she will have to go through intensive therapy to basically relearn all the things she knows how to do now, walk, talk, eat, etc. She will have some physical disabilities after the surgery but 80% of children that have this surgery have fewer seizures that are controlled by medication and some eventually become seizure free with no medication. So I am hoping for the best and really hoping she is a candidate for this surgery and that the successful results will happen. Tomorrow is my birthday (my last year being 30-something) and that would be a nice present to have. So if you pray and have a prayer circle or prayer chain could you please add Rachel to your prayer list. If she has the surgery it will be this week on the 26th. They won't leave L.A. until the end of next month until she is able to be moved to a facility back in Iowa closer to home.

So I have not been feeling very inspired to do much in terms of creating things. Everything is in a pile on my dining room table and is just sitting there staring at me. For my layout this week at Page Plans I was very pleased with. The photo was taken last summer of daughter when we were visiting family back in Iowa. Cady was tickled by the baby calves. She also enjoyed the samples of ice cream we got to try later there at the creamery.

So here is the lovely sketch by Lesli we were to use.

Here is my layout.

For Basic Grey Challenges this week we were to use texture on our creations. I love using different textures on my cards or layouts.

Here is what I came up with:

I uses my Marrakech papers and for the textures I added a felt button and the word "celebrate" was a 2 sided sticker so you could add flocking or glitter to it. I used orange flocking.

Some other things I worked on this week were some thank you cards for a friend of mine. They were for her son to thank people for coming to his laser tag birthday party. How fun! So I tried to make them as hip and boyish as I could. I found a bunch of metal edge tags in my stash. They were well hidden! So it was fun to use them on the cards.

Thanks for stopping by. I want to apologize for not getting around to everyone's blogs to check out the latest happenings and creations and leaving comments and all that good stuff. I have just been avoiding the computer and spending more time with my kids. I feel so blessed that they are healthy and happy. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a very sick child. What would I do? Would I be strong enough or just have a big emotional breakdown and not function and shut the world out. But when I spoke to Rachel's mom on the phone as she was passing through Albuquerque, I was amazed how strong and encouraging she sounded about their trip and the surgery. I'm sure it's is very hard to feel positive and deep down she is wondering if she made the right decision and second guessing the choices she has made and she probably does just want to break down and cry. So again, please pray for the best for Rachel and her parents, that all is successful and that they keep their faith up. I'll post an update when I hear something from the family.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Back!

I picked my computer this afternoon and now I am complete once more. Isn't it just sad how much I depend on my computer for day to day things. Pretty much everything is done on the computer, banking, paying bills, printing postage, etc. I don't even have log in names and passwords memorized for all the sites I need to have a log in name or password for. I also discovered that when I am scrapping or making a card, inevitably I will need to use the computer for it in some way or another. But now, I can function again.

So this past weekend since I had no computer I didn't get the time to do my Basic Grey Challenges project made. This weeks challenge was called All Around and "the challenge for this week was suggested by our very talented DT member Anthea. This week we want to see rounded corners, not an angle in sight ! Please interpret this how you would like, but of course not to forget to use at least one item from BasicGrey somewhere on your creation :)" Please go and check out this weeks challenge there. The design team came up with absolutely wonderful creations.

I did manage to get my Page Plans layout made and emailed out last weekend. However, you need to actually attach the photo to your email, which is what I forgot to do. I guess I was distracted. Fortunately I had sent my sister a photo of it, just to show her so I was able to get it to Chris and Lesli. But there are some wonderful sketches this week there and wonderful creations from the DT. Please hop over there a take a look and try out a sketch or two.

Here is the lovely layout sketch by Lesli.

And here is what I came up with... I took this picture just the other day of my son and Sierra just sitting on the floor looking at each other I think the cat was asking him, "Are you going to pet or not!" She's very demanding that way. Garrett always tells me that when Sierra looks at him (I guess in such a way) that means she loves him. An she does! We also needed to use a green monochromatic scheme to this week, which was fun since I don't use green much, or at least all green.

My card for My Sketch World was based on a wonderful sketch made my the owner of My Sketch World, Lucy. She is so talented and her sketches are so versatile. You should see what the Team B design teams came up with for the second half of March.

I was so excited I got to use my new BG Marrakech papers to make this card. I also used my tag maker to punch out the words "Happy Birthday." I just cut a thin strip of paper to fit into the tag maker and the I rubbed a white ink pad over the top of the letters to make stand out. Kind of fun and inexpensive way to make custom sentiments for your card. I also forgot to mention I used the tag maker for my journalling on my "Buddies" layout above. It was so fun!

Well that's it for now. Now I need to finish up all the upgrading I was doing when my disk drive went out. I also bought Windows for my Mac too. I know, I know, that's like against all of my being and sacrilegious or something to install Windows on a Mac, but if I want to use Cricut Design Studio on my Mac then that's what I need to do.

Ohhh, the sacrifices we must make - LOL!!

Have a great St. Patricks Day! I am thinking a glass of green ale might be good. Actually my hubby brewed an Irish red a month and a half ago. Hopefully I'll get to try a glass of that tomorrow (and hopefully it will taste good too since he's opening a brewery soon). Have a great rest of the week too!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blogger Blahs

Do you ever feel like you have the Blogger Blahs? You just don't feel like bogging anything, posting pictures, nothing. Well that has been me for a couple of weeks now. I'm still not feeling it but I figure if I just do it maybe something will click and get me back on track again.

So this is going to be a picture filled entry for today. I didn't post any of my DT stuff last weekend and I have a couple things that I have been working on and some announcements too.

So I have been keeping busy with Page Plans. I just finished organizing the rest of the sketches and photos and papers I will use for the rest of this month. Chris and Lesli make such wonderful and very versatile sketches. I don't think I have ever run into a sketch that I couldn't make something wonderful.

This is this weeks sketch.

And here is my interpretation of it.

This was last weeks sketch.

And this was my layout using that sketch.

I am hoping to get the rest done this week so I can take my computer in to be repaired. I think it just needs to be cleaned so hopefully I won't be without for too long. I seriously go through a major withdrawal when my computer is down and is away for repair.

For Basic Grey Challenges this week we had a wonderful sketch created my Martine. I had time and a very cute picture of the kids to work with, so I made a layout this week.

Here is Martine's sketch.

Here is my layout.

Here was last weeks challenge which was to make something with a pocket. So I altered the criss cross card instructions that can be found at Split Coast Stampers. I made mine taller and narrower to accommodate the Hershey's Bar that is in it.

I have my first DT card made for My Sketch World but I can't show it just yet. I am on Team B and those card and layout creations will be revealed on the 15th this month. However, you should check out Team A's layout and card creations that have been made. Talk about the's awesome!! If you do decide to make a card or layout using one of Lucy's sketches then post it to the gallery so we can see it. The gallery link is along the right side of the blog page. Also check out the forum she set up. Lot's of fun, lots of chatting, lots challenges, games, and all sorts of things to do. It has been a hopping place and everyone is so incredibly nice, helpful, and talented too.

Here is my card I made with the March 1st sketch.

So I finally found a copy Your Invited which is an idea book put out by Scrapbook Trends magazine. If you have a copy or see a copy at Michael's or wherever they carry these great idea books be sure to check out page 52 & 53 in it. You'll see my first ever published card. It was an invite for my daughters birthday last year. I was so excited to see that it was the beginning chapter for Kid's Birthday Invites, which is a 2 page spread. It's just so cool to see your name published in something that you really enjoy. Here is a picture of the book if you happen to see it somewhere when you are out and about.

I also had my first layout published in the Scrap N' Art, a scrapping and paper crafting eZine. It is the March/April issue and I am on page 18 at the bottom. They even referenced my blog tutorial for the Medallion Flowers I used on the layout. I really should make another tutorial sometime since the Medallion Flower tutorial is the one and only tutorial found on my blog. I am amazed how many people have stopped by to check it out.

One more card I wanted to share was one I made for a friend of mine to use as a thank you card she will send to Jack Prelutsky. If you don't know who Jack Prelutsky is, he is an incredible poet that writes wonderful children poems. His books are illustrated by wonderful illustrators like James Stevenson, Arnold Lobel, Marc Brown, and so many more. He has over 50 books of his poems and my kiddos are just starting to enjoy his poetry. So I thought about the card for a while and how I should make it. I knew I wanted it to be somehow based on his poetry or the illustrations used in his books. Then I found his website and after a few clicks I found this wonderful page with all kinds of moving fun things.

Anyway, I love the tree on there and turned it into a card. I hope he likes it.

Well that's not all but it is for now. I will post more soon.

Have a great week and think spring!