Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Whirlwind has subsided

The last few weeks have been so hectic. The kiddos had there last day of school this past Wednesday. So now the entertainment by this summer's host (me) will begin. Yesterday the in-laws arrived and the house has never been cleaner-LOL! Of course as I am cleaning and packing up some packages I want to mail and my right side (tummy area) starts hurting. It gets progressively worse and worse to where I can hardly stand up. I'm thinking I do not have time for appendicitis as I am frantically cleaning. Finally my hubby tells me to lay down, which I did for a whole 20 minutes. Then I was fine. I had been raking through some gravel trying to smooth and even it out yesterday and I must of pulled a muscle that has never been pulled before or that I knew even existed. That or it was mind over matter and I was getting appendicitis and I told my appendix that I didn't have time for it to be removed right now-Ha Ha! I can get that done after my inlaws leave. I'll have more time then -LOL!

So I have lots to show everyone today. Lots of teacher gifts I made for myself and friends, my DT stuff for Basic Grey Challenges and My Sketch World, and invites for my daughters summer birthday.

So first are the teacher gifts I made.

A fun memo board that I altered, that is by Kaiser Crafts. I also used this for this weeks doodling challenge at Basic Grey Challenges.

Card folder on the left. Of course I used the template from The Cutting Cafe. On the right is a index card "thingy" by Martha Stewart. It has index cards you can write on and tear out. It was plain green and I added the papers to match the card folder. I also bought these 2 metal clips and altered them too.

These are a couple divider boxes (from The Cutting Cafe) that I made with a set of 5 matching cards. Very fun and bright!!

This is another divider box with a set of owl cards that I made using the Wild Card Cricut cartridge. The box was full of little desk supplies like clips, brads, jumbo paper clips, post-it notes, and magnets that I had decorated with owls.

This was a set of cards I made. I used a monogram for the card to personalize it. The monograms are from, you guessed it, The Cutting Cafe.

Now onto the invitations for my daughters 4th birthday this summer. She wanted an "A,B,C" party. I'm thinking what am I going to make and do for that. Then I realized her most favorite book in the world (next to all her dinosaur books) is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, the ultimate A,B,C book. It has bright colors and coconut trees, so I will be ordering a lot of tropical themed items from Oriental Trading soon. The card is obviously based on the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

So the tree and the square with the dots cut out were designed by me using Inkscape and SCAL for the Cricut. The coconuts and the letters were also cut out using SCAL. The coconuts were cut on some fun crushed velvet cardstock by Doodlebug. I had to use the deep cut blade to cut them out.

My Team B card creation this month for My Sketch World I made this fun and colorful card. Awesome sketch to work with Lucy!

The one last card that I made a while back. I don't think I posted it on my blog yet. But I had made it for the April Spring Crop at My Sketch World. I think I would like to have what's on it right now. Wait, it's 7:30AM, I guess I'll fill it up with coffee instead. Maybe for dinner tonight...LOL!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Remember those that have served our country!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

So far I have had a relaxing Mother's Day. Right now both kiddos are taking naps so all is quiet and peaceful here at home. My wonderful husband even made me crepes for breakfast this morning, which were absolutely delicious!

I had 2 more boxes that I wanted to share today. Again, these were made from template from from The Cutting Cafe. The Mother's Day sentiments are from there as well. These were made for my friend to give to her mom and MIL. They were filled up with candy too.

I also wanted to share my card for this weeks Basic Grey Challenges. My card is based on a sketch by my wonderfully talented teammate Anthea for challenge #34. I used the Granola line to create my card.

Be sure to keep a look out in June for some changes at the Basic Grey Challenges blog. We will be closing the blog down for a couple weeks to put all the wonderful and exciting new changes that Martine and the team are putting into place. Hopefully you will like what you see!

Well that's all for today. I hope that everyone has a Happy Mother's Day today and a great rest of the week too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Candy Boxes

I just wanted to share the finished Mother's Day boxes I made for my mom and mother-in-law. I have 2 more that I'll post later for my friend Heidi. The box and the Mother's Day sentiments all come from The Cutting Cafe. The Cutting Cafe is also a sponsor of this weeks Basic Grey Challenges. There is still time to play and maybe you will win 2 downloads from the Cutting Cafe.

I think I am going to use this same box for some teacher gift's too. But inside I am thinking about making some decorated large/jumbo paper clips, mini post-it notes that are wrapped in some pretty paper, and some other things I haven't thought of yet.

That's all for now! Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I can't seem to blog this week...

I'm really just not in the mood to blog these days. First, I am the slowest typist ever. I think I had a D in it in high school way back when. I use my index and middle fingers to type and one thumb to hit the space bar from time to time. So chat room things are not fun either because I can't keep up with the conversation. And I have been super busy with all kinds of projects that I really need to get done this week.

So I wanted to post some things I have been working on this week. The first is my card for Basic Grey Challenges. This weeks challenge is a color combo challenge, black and gray plus 1 other color. I chose red as my other color and used Scarlet's Letter papers for my card.

Another card I made was for the Caardvarks latest challenge. I haven't done a Caardvarks challenge forever so it was nice to be able to finally do one. So now I'll wait and see tomorrow what their next challenge will be.

Another project that I started today and will need to finish soon so I can get them mailed out are some divider boxes that I am making for Mother's Day for my mom and mom-in-law and for a friend's mom and MIL. They are so quick and easy to make and I think I am going to get some yummy little candies to fill them up. The template for these boxes are from the Cutting Cafe. I just love this place and all the awesome templates and printable stamps they have. The sentiment is also part of a printable stamp set from there too called All About Mom.

You can see the other one that is almost finished in the pictures above. It won't take too long to get the other 2 finished and sent on its way.

One other thing I wanted to share was that I am going to be published in the July/August edition of Scrap-n-Art eZine. They are going to have two of my layouts plus some other layouts possibly for a feature that they are going to have in that edition. So I am working on getting that stuff done as well.

That's all for now. Have a great rest of the week!